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Tickled by Telemachus

Life's a dance,you learn as you go

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I am now a full time Wife and a Mama to 3 boys and another baby on the way,my mom is angelus2hot

Note: My lj is now friends locked,you have to be a friend to see some of my post.
And the gorgeous Blake Shetlon header is made from ctbn60 And the now moving Blake Shelton/Crixus header made by my very talented Mom angelus2hot

Mood Theme
Clark and Lois mood theme courtesy of hanakt

Beautiful love bars made by sarah_jones


The gorgeous Telemachus Rhade colorbar courtesy of lovetruthbella

The Angel/Cordy lovebar courtesy of angelus2hot

The Angel/Willow lovebar courtesy of angelus2hot

The Jack/Sam banners courtesy of angelus2hot


The Angel banner courtesy of angelus2hot

The Lorne courtesy of angelus2hot

according to jim, alex o'loughlin, andromeda, angel, angel/buffy, angel/cordy, animals, anya, atsushi sakurai, beauty and the beast, billy campbell, billy currington, billy ray cyrus, blake shelton, bones, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, bunnies, candy, cats, chronicles of narnia, clark kent, cordy, cordy/dean, csi: new york, damon/anyone, damon/elena, dancing with the stars, daniel radcliffe, danny devito, david boreanaz, days of our lives, dean, dogs, dr who, dracula, dru, dylan hunt, edward cullen, edward/bella, elvis presley, everybody loves raymond, family guy, firefly, games, garth brooks, gary sinese, gerard butler, giles, gone with the wind, gossipgirl, harry potter, harry potter books, hawaii five-0, hercules, hermione granger, hot guys, indians, jack/daniel, jacob black, jacob/bella, jake owen, jareth/sarah, jensen ackles, john schneider, kevin sorbo, kittens, klaus/anyone, klaus/caroline, labyrinth, lex luther, life unexpected, little house onthe prarie, little women, lost girl, love storys, mal/simon, mario kart, michael greyeyes, mick st.john, mike myers, moonlight, movies, music, my computer, once and again, one tree hill, phantom of the opera(movie), reading, reba, riley, romantic movies, sam, scrubs, seth greene, simpsons, sirus black, skittles, smallville, snacking, snow, soda, spartacus, spike, spike/angel, star trek, stargate, stargate all of them, stargate atlantis., stargate sgi, stefan/elena, steve bacic, steve martin, stolen women captured hearts, super mario brothers, tara, taylor lautner, telemachus rhade, terra nova, the crow: wicked prayer, the shrek movies, the stooges, the vampire diaries, these girls, tim mcgraw, tom welling, torchwood, trance/dylan, true blood, twilight, tylor swift, valentine, vampire chronicles, vampires, watching tv, wayne brady, wii, willow, writing

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