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Ending of Spartacus..............

Let's talk about this.....

Okay wtf? The fudged up my show. The ending of Spartacus sucked beyond the telling of it! In the last few episode's Neavia gets killed knife right through her back. Crixus get's killed his head gets cut off :'( And then at the very ending of the show Spartacus gets killed because some little chicken shit got him from behind. And it makes no since that when Spartacus was dying he said " Do not cry for me. For I die a free man". I was like Bullshit you died a loser the Roman's whipped your ass! And all for what? Because they killed your wife you had to go and get poor Crixus killed :'( If they would have just stayed slaves they would have been still alive but nooooooo they wanted to be free and look where it got them there all gone go job idiots (NOT)

Me when they killed Crixus off the show. It was sad but it also pissed me off. The only way they could kill him was to sneak up behind him. He should have got killed in an epic fight or something.
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Me when Tiberius gets killed. I was like YES!!!! Take that you whinny bitch!
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